Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nobody's perfect.

Well hello there.
Today we mourn the death of the great Whitney Houston. She was an icon to many, including myself and while I wasn't alive when her greatest success occurred , I have grown to love many of her songs. She is now one of my many icons who have recently died, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze to name but a few.
It's scary to think that people who you grew up with, who inspired you and amazed you are slowly moving on to pastures new. Where they can be free once more. It's sad also. For many of these awe inspiring people suffered, before they died.
Yes I can't say that I agree with some of the things that Michael Jackson did or deny that Whitney Houston was an alcoholic druggie or whatever but that's not why they are so great. They are so great because they produced epic pieces of art which evokes so many emotions in people. Whitney's I will always love you song is an undeniable hit. Michael Jackson's Billy Jean, pure gold. Patrick Swayze as an actor, is unbelievable. These people all had incredible talent and it's a shame that they died so young and so painfully.
We shouldn't slander these people for mistakes they made, after all nobody's perfect. With the "fame game" your every mistake is highlighted a hundred times over. They can't help having imperfections but it makes their pure talent that little bit more special. There are many out there who have the imperfections but only few which share such a great talent.
We need to remember these people for their true talent. I will always love you Whitney.

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  1. Great post Cally! And you're right, they should be remembered for when they were at their best, as I'm sure we all would want to be. :0)