Saturday, 18 February 2012

I'm sick of always making the effort.

Well hello there,
Do you ever get those moments when you wonder " if I died tomorrow,who would miss me?".
I get those from time to time and usually when I've been really busy that day. That's because when I'm busy, I have no time to text people and have a chat. Which is why when someone texts me first, I'm happy.
When I have plenty of time to myself and I'm happy, I don't mind making an effort to text people. Even when I'm slightly busy, I'll text those who I know would text me first. Yet when I'm really sad, I'll text no one. I'll wait for someone to make the effort, but nobody does.
Like today for example. I went to work at around 10, so didn't bother to text anybody. I hoped by the time I'd finished, someone would have text me, but no! So I text my friend saying " hope you have a good day", no reply. Fair enough but she then had the cheek to update her Facebook status "via mobile". Little things like this really annoy me hence why I often wonder; If I was to die tomorrow, out of my friends,who would care?
Rant over.

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