Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lets get creative!

Well hello there.
 Haven't blogged in a while due to the fact that school has needed my attention and when I'm free, I find myself drawing.
 I love drawing, I'm not very good at it but i love it. So far I've drawn all sorts of things, mainly still-life and stuff from pictures. But hey ho. I love it due to the satisfaction I get from re creating an amazing picture however not everything I do, I like. I can't draw people and the one I drew today of me and the best friend is terrible.... yet it is my second go at faces.. and many people suck at drawing them. I mean look at picasso, how much worse can you get.! Jokes ;)

I don't just love drawing though. I'm a major drama fan. I adore acting. It's one of my favourite hobbies ever. Even above drawing.  I miss it so much, since I've had to stop what with having school and work commitments etc. I like to think that I'm good at it, the last performance I did I had a few comments. When people found out I was quitting that drama group, many said, "Remember, keep acting! you're a little star, you can go far if you wanted to" I miss these people. We came from totally different backgrounds yet we were family.

 I do dabble in the singing and dancing also as I have done a few musicals and the odd concert. One Christmas concert to be precise. But they aren't my strongest forte. Doesn't stop me dancing and singing round my room every so often though.

Anyways I like to think I get the creative genes from my family. My mum can draw, my granddad can draw, my Nan can draw and paint and they are all big drama queens!

Anyways that's enough creativity for one afternoon.  <---- me acting a few years ago.

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