Friday, 3 February 2012

2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate!

Well hello there.
 Today was a rather eye opening day for me. Today it was fancy dress at sixth form. Now normally the thought of participating in these days doesn't really appeal however this one did. It was dress up as something that starts as the first letter of your name. E.g Astronaut for Albus Dumbledore. Anyways I had been thinking what to do but never came up with a concrete idea.
  10 minutes before i was due to leave my house this morning I thought why not see if I could come up with something and amazingly I did. A cheerleader. Although as I don't possess any pom poms i was off duty. Anyways being a cheerleader involves wearing a skirt and at the moment in England, its freezing. This didn't bother me but as I walked out of my house I became paranoid. I'm the last person to wear skirts (In England mind) but today I was going out in minus temperatures for fancy dress. So i text a friend to meet me att he top of my road, and they did.
Walking to school was pleasantly surprising, as I was walking with a half Clark-Kent Superman and Robin from Batman and Robin, so the stares were minimal. However because the whole school wasn't in uniform there was a few OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS SHE WEARING moments from certain younger years. They obviously didn't know I was a sixth former. Anyways these made me really self conscious but as the day went by I felt less awkward and more normal...ish.
 Today has taught me, forget what people think. You should do things you're comfortable with and let the haters hate.
Anyways adios for now. xx

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