Saturday, 31 December 2011

New year, New me?

Why Hello there.
It's New Years Eve which means tomorrow will be 2012. Most people have everything planned, their night of boozing, those New Years resolutions they are never going to do, what they are going to change etc
Well I don't plan on changing anything about me, I mean, yes I have my flaws and imperfections but that's what makes me, ME.  I know there are things I could do with changing, but not on New Years, that's the time of failed plans. Not successful ones. The only one I've actually ever adhered to was when I was little I vowed to stop biting my nails and it worked.
In 2012, my New Year's resolution will be; Have fun! Don't panic! Work hard, well not too hard.
 Happy New Year!! Bring on 2012!

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