Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mi amigos, the difference a year makes.

Well hello there.
 I said I'd write again and here am I. A friend's recent blog got me thinking, thinking about all that has happened this year and wow! Such a lot has happened. To think in this year, I've sat some of the most crucial exams in my life, passed them with flying colours, started the second most important examination process and had to deal with a hectic social life on top of that. The latter being my friends. This year I've made some new friends, lost some old ones and held on to some of the most important.
  Since starting sixth form, I've noticed how those who I used to think would be there till my dying days are slowly disappearing. Those who meant everything have barely any contact with me now. I know that nothing is forever but when you go through such a tumultuous childhood with only those who know the true you, it's easy to see why you should want them in the next stage of your life. It's difficult though, to let those which we hold dear, go. It's difficult to grow up knowing that you will never share your experiences with them.
But we all got to let go eventually. I still get upset when I see my old friends and not be able to hold a conversation like I once used to. We have different experiences and it's hard to find common ground. Half my group came to sixth form with me, the other half went to college, we vowed we would see each other regularly but alas that hasn't happened. As I knew it would.
  I still love them very much but I have made new friends and as time goes on, the only bond we will share together will be that of our memories. Surviving high school and our exams will be our only common link. In the future, some may move away, some might become parents or have a highly successful career, leaving no time for a reunion. This doesn't bother me, it's life after all. It's just the letting go in the first place that hurts.

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