Thursday, 5 January 2012

Practice makes perfect!

Well hello there.
Haven't blogged for a while as just started back at school and been revising. Alot. Well my exams are next week and the week after so not too long now. Gulp! I only have 2 and whilst this may seem good, it's not, because AS is the hardest thing ever, well after GCSE it is.
 All my teachers in ALL my subjects (that being 4) have been lecturing me of the importance of starting revising in like October, and whilst this is logical, the revision I did do then has subsequently left my head, so I have to just re-revise it now.
 However one tip they've given me that I must note, is the doing of past papers. Doing these allows you to see the style of the exam and what is expected of you to get the marks. I found these are helpful, but like most things only to a degree, as your exam might not contain anything which has been covered previously. So never just rely on one method to help you. That's also another reason I hate starting revision TOO early, you do the past papers too soon and when it's more important for you to do them, there are no new ones for you to do.
 So make sure you practice, but not too much solely and not too soon.

Good Luck if you are sitting exams anytime soon!

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