Monday, 9 January 2012

No matter what, I'll be there.

Well hello there.
 As of late I've been having a fair few conversations with friends who I haven't seen in ages. Not because I'm too lazy to organise anything but because they live far away. One friend it would take them, a plane, train and an automobile to get to where I live and a couple of trains for the other.
 I would love to see them again. We shared some wonderful, if brief memories together and well I'd love to have more. I love them both like sisters and they mean everything to me. I hate seeing them down and even though I'm here and they're there, I'm always willing to fight their corner.
 I know that if we all lived closer, it would be fantastic, I COULD actually fight their corner. Some things however just aren't meant to be. I'm hoping that after exams, I might get a visit from at least one of them. Although I always get my hopes up for nothing. But maybe this time will be different.
  I love them lots so i have every faith I'll see them again soon.

On a little end note, never lose contact with the ones you love because one day, it might be too late.

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