Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Football Rant- Get a grip Chelsea

         In the past 12 years, football has seen some highs, some lows and some absolutely terrible events. Footballers’ being paid a high wage is my main bug bear but the firing of managers is also pretty high up there. Yes, I understand the whole, our team are doing rubbish, we need a fresh insight or we are not going to improve view but this isn’t necessarily the truth.
Chelsea seem to have taken this idea and this idea alone into their managerial side. Since 2000, Chelsea has seen 11 managers grace their team.11!!!! Compared to Liverpool who over this time have seen a humble five. However as much as I hate to say it, Manchester United and Arsenal have got something right, 1 manager since 2000 and  this one manager started way before then anyway. 
Roman Abramovich may have the passion needed for the game, the enthusiasm and the money, but he seems to lack the most important thing in football ownership, common sense. Ok, taking a new perspective of things isn’t a bad thing but not constantly. Footballers need continuation if they are to do well.  Sir Alex Ferguson has seen the good, the bad and the downright awful since being manager of Manchester United, unlike Roberto Di Matteo who won some silverware one season then promptly got sacked the next when it appeared that the club were heading for disaster, so to speak.  Every season for every football team is different. A strategy which worked last time might not be as rewarding now and a manager isn’t going to learn what works for his team constantly if he isn’t given the chance.  You could argue that every individual match has the same consensus however it needs to be on a broader scale for the managers to really understand their teams’ perfect strategy.
Lets take each team individually,
                Arsenal-  Haven’t gained a major trophy since the 2005 FA cup but haven’t finished below forth in the premier league. Third League and Cup double  in 2001–02. In addition, the club reached the final of the 1999–2000 UEFA Cup (losing on penalties to Galatasaray), was victorious in the 2003 and 2005 FA Cups, and won the Premier League in 2003–04 without losing a single match.
                Manchester United- Won champions League, Fifa club world cup, FA community shield 5 times, League cup 3 times, Havent finished below third in the premier league.
                Chelsea-  Premier League- 3 times, runners up, 4 times.  FA cup, 4 times.  UEFA champions League once.  Community shield, 3 times.  Lowest premier league finishing position- 6th?
                Liverpool-  FA cup twice, League Cup 3 times, Community Shield twice, UEFA champions League, once. Uefa Cup and super cup, 3 times alltogether.  Lowest league position 8th.  
 So as you can see the teams with the least amount of trophies are the teams with the ever changing managers. Although Arsenal is the exception but this may be down to smaller clubs improving dramatically too. 

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