Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A hug can sometimes be the best medicine.

Well hello there.
Was sitting scrolling down my facebook newsfeed the other day and saw some rather depressing statuses, a facebook friend really wanted a hug. This may seem rather boring to you but to me it is a cry for help. Hugs, to me, help 101 problems that talking and what not don't. They show support, strength, and a unspoken trust between two people.
    Ok, now not every hug is done for this purpose however quite a few are. The simplicity of putting your arm around someone can give that person such vitality and protection that no words need to be said. Not only this, but they are simple. I may sound really soppy here but a good hug shows a good character.
   For a girl, the natural reaction to seeing someone upset or down is to give them a hug. It helps.
So if you see someone who looks a bit down, go give them a hug, or at least offer. It shows good character, goodwill and a compassionate side, all from one simple action.


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