Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Well hey there.
Yesterday as you may or may not be aware was bank holiday Monday. Now this allows for a day off school, however unluckily for me, I had revision. Not only this but I got called into work. Sad times.
Anyway throughout the day on the radio, there was an official chart of the top 150 highest selling records of the Millennium. Which was somewhat of a trip down memory lane for me.
 150 songs basically from my childhood. Some good, some bad. Some I have on CD, some I haven't heard for about 8 years. Which got me thinking, will we ever forget our generation of music?
Just as the 40's brought about the Jazz kind of music and the 60's/70's brought about rock and roll etc etc, will the noughties which gave us pop and RnB be cast into the shadow of newer,current music.?
I can answer my own question here: yes. But will we forget about the music which shaped our childhoods?
My Nan and Grandad still listen to the music that they danced to when they were courting, my Mum still listens to the music that she went clubbing to when she was my age. But in 10/15 years time will I still occasionally pop on a bit of Shaggy or S club 7, as a bit of a guilty pleasure?
 I loved listening to those songs yesterday for they brought back so many memories and it's scary to think that the new generation of children haven't even heard of S club 7 or Las Ketchup. I don't want to forget the music which I danced to with my late dog in the kitchen of my house at the age of 7, nor do I want to forget the numerous school discos where I slid to the left and criss crossed. Only a 90's child will know this references and unlike the music of the Beatles, Blondie or Terrovision with it's one hit wonder, I don't think our modern music has the lasting and staying power of which it used to.Music in general is dying. In 10 years, how many people will know who Queen were and be able to name 5 songs? In 5 years how many people could sing me a song that Frank Sinatra sang? The answer, not many. They could probably name all of One Direction and Nicki Minaj's songs and maybe the odd Leona Lewis too.
While our modern music, is great and I love it. I don't want to forget the old music which shaped the music of today. It's the music I grew up with and to lose it altogether would be such a great loss. I feel that a new generation of people need to be introduced to the likes of Doris Day, Nat King Cole, Queen and Duran Duran.
Most of you reading this will probably have to use a search engine to find out who I'm on about but for those of you who don't. Thank you for not letting music die.

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