Friday, 4 May 2012

It's sad when people who gave you the best memories, become a memory.

Hey there.
As you well know,I've been rather busy with exams and work so as a consequence I've lost my social life.
Now I'm not particularly complaining because it was pretty dismal anyway but what I miss is the friendships that I had before my busy schedule started.
Whilst acting I gained so many friends, people who were like family to me. Yet 9 months after stopping, I've lost contact with virtually all of them, occasionally the odd text here or there but that's about it.
Similarly, my school friends who I spent the "best years of my life" with have become distant. We do different things now and I'd love to spend time catching up, if I had that time in the first place.
My holiday friend is another example, even though we haven't seen each other since my holiday and there is the usual consensus that holiday friendships are fleeting, I thought we could make it last. Yet this similarly has grown to become stilted and awkward. :(
All of the above gave me some great memories and many promised me that those memories wouldn't be the last however as is usually the case when people split and return to their normal lives as such, you grow apart and have less in common that what you thought so friendships become strained.
 It's so refreshing when people make the effort to sustain a friendship, I mean, it's possible. It's got to be.
If not, then I would love to be able to have a friendship where you don't talk for ages, then when you do see each other, it's completely natural and like you'd never been apart.
I love the memories I've gained from these people and I will cherish them forever. They make me smile and after all, smiling is healthy.

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