Monday, 23 April 2012

Long time no blog

Well hey there.
 A lot has happened since my last blog, apologies for not blogging, been busy.
Well, I taught my year 10's and it went surprisingly well. Woo!
Handed in my English Language coursework which is a huge relief. It was starting to get on my nerves.
There was also Easter. I spent my Easter Sunday on a plane, train and in an automobile, back from my holiday.
To put it frankly, I needed a break so the mother and I decided to have a little holiday in Tunisia. What a lovely place. Lovely weather, nice people, nice food. Only downside was the fact it was cold at night.
Upon returning I found I had acquired an ear infection so the last week of my Easter holiday was spent in bed or going dizzy. Fun.
Now I'm currently doing all the exam prep, oh and playing cards in Biology. And I ask myself why I suck at this subject. Anyway until next time.

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