Saturday, 10 March 2012

No me gusta el colegio

Well hello there.
Crikey! It's like March, already! Apologies for the delay in blogging but been extremely busy. School school school school work work work.. etc etc Fun!
Got my grades back last Thursday and well I was rather disappointed, a U in Biology and a D in ICT. I mean everyone told me that A levels were difficult but seriously? I managed to get an A in my mock ICT so to slip to a D is gutting. The only thing I have to cheer me up is the fact that noone in 2 classes ( so about 40 people) got above a C. Biology I was let surprised about, having struggled with it since the beginning. A grade would have been nice though.
Similarly Coursework deadlines are looming and its a lot of pressure as I want the best grades possible, but it is so much work for so little.
In all honesty, the only light relief I had last week was helping in my Year 10 Spanish class. They always manage to cheer me up.
Although, next week I have to do a 15 minute activity leading them, on my own. So pretty scared about that, as even though they are all lovely, the prospect of having to teach them is like ARGHHH.
Anyways, thats my depressing couple of weeks.
Adios Amigos.

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